Spearmint Leaf Tea - Origin and Benefits

The spearmint plant is native to the Mediterranean region of the world, but was brought over to the United States with the first European colonists and has been a staple of US agriculture ever since. Both spearmint and peppermint have been used in cooking for centuries, and spearmint leaf tea is enjoyed at any time of day for a refreshing treat or to settle the stomach. It has also been used as a treatment for bee stings, dog bites, a method to purify water, and as a cleansing tonic. Steam vapor from spearmint has been used in hospitals to freshen the air and purify the area, as well, and is a frequent component of aromatherapy.

Today, with a wider knowledge of how this plant works and what it can do for the body, herbalists and folk therapists use spearmint leaf tea as a remedy for a wide variety of different ailments, and to promote overall health. It acts as a stimulant, diuretic, and antispasmodic medicine, and has been shown to reduce fevers. It can be applied topically to hemorrhoids or wounds for fast relief, and may help soothe inflammations of the eyes, mouth, and throat. Spearmint may also help with gastrointestinal problems include diarrhea and cramping, and is safe enough for small children to use.

The main benefit of spearmint leaf tea is to stimulate the senses. It is refreshing when served iced, and can help revitalize users with its unique flavor. Many people choose to dilute their fruit juices with mint tea, or suck on frozen tea ice cubes to help relieve the pain of canker sores, due to its soothing properties. To prepare it hot, you can place fresh or dried leaves in a cup and cover this with boiling water, letting it steep to taste. Prepackaged tea bags are also a way to enjoy a cup of hot spearmint tea without fuss.

At this time, there are no negative indications for the use of spearmint leaf tea, and it is safe enough to drink on a daily basis. It is also one of the few teas that can be enjoyed by small children as well as pregnant or nursing women, and it may actually soothe some of the common troubles of pregnancy, such as morning sickness or cramps. With so many health properties, it seems that there are new studies every day proving how this tasty beverage can make your life better.

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